This page is dedicated to customers who bought the Aura Glasses™ or Aura Goggles™ and wish to share their personal experiences with each other and to everyone else!

This can be just a simple text description, or photos or videos.

If you would like to share your own experiences, just send me your story or/and media to:

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While the Aura Glasses™ are designed for viewing the human aura, there are many other uses for them and lots of new things to be discovered! Here we have Mike taking a pair of Economy Aura Glasses™ into a local graveyard. Check it out - do you see any spirit activity in the video?!

Graveyard Walk - by weird-as# mike

Economy Aura Glasses Review

- by PuzzleMaster

This is a lovely review by a customer who bought the Economy Aura Glasses™, describing his experience

with the cheapest aura viewing model.